Loss Prevention - Safely and respectfully screen staff to detect and deter theft

people-screening cameras, with SloScan, for quickly and respectfully screening your employees as they exit, to detect and deter theft.


Thruvision benefits 

 Treat staff with respect 
No physical search needed 
High throughput 
Fast shift exits 
Visualize the threat 

Shows concealment size, shape and location to allow rapid decision making without the need for pat-down 

Safe for everyone 

Passive screening technology, safe for everyone including pregnant women and those with medical implants 

Detection-at-Range enables safe distance screening, with no risk of transmission of COVID-19 

Respectful of privacy 

Cannot distinguish age, ethnicity or gender, and complies with GDPR 

Comprehensive security 

Detects all types of metallic and non-metallic material, including clothing, liquids, electronics, tobacco, foodstuffs and paper 

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