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About Us

Brief About us

The need for security is increasing in all sectors and all over the world. Whether it is  utility or transport facilities or government buildings, there is a growing need to protect people and property from sabotage, hijack and terrorism, and to control the flow of people.

SWN, in partnership with leading  manufacturers of security products and solutions to provide a  great deal to meet this demand. We offer our customers needs- focused security solutions that give them the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency and convenience.


SWN is synonymous with security technology., as our slogan "Security Wins Now"  A 30 year established company in Thailand and has a reach in to ASEAN  group of countries through established network of channel partners., is one of the leading player in the market.

The increasing global demand for security will support SWN’s future growth. As a provider of security products and systems as well as services, SWN is committed to high quality and durability. Another important aspect is professional services is that we offer to our customers.. To fulfill our customers’ needs, we select best   innovative technology and products that will lead to smart but efficient solutions to meet with present and  future  challenges.

With range of innovative products and solutions,  in addition to SWN's  best service and support,  the company has evolved into one of the best known solution provider within Thailand homeland security industry and in Asia.


SWN's  central focus is always the benefit to customers.  We offer, new products and solutions  are not only best in the industry,  reliable, and user-friendly but fit seamlessly well into their present and future needs.

Our Mission

SWN's  mission is to provide  solutions that meet customers’ needs with

added value that goes beyond security. This means always keeping one

step ahead in our market research to find  and partner with best products and solutions manufacturers to fulfill the customers’ future requirements.



Our History

SWN Group was founded in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1985. The group started its operations with commodities exports and trading mainly rice, beans and corn. In 1992, SWN started a new division for automobile trading, mainly distribution imported cars from United Kingdom. The group then broadened its operations and expanded in to specialty security instruments distribution and service,

manufacturing computers, IP telephony gateway servers, Internet appliances and water purification systems.

Presently, after 31 years of operations mainly in Asia/Pacific region, SWN is positioned as a leader in providing solutions for physical security and information

security products. Currently SWN’s solutions and equipments are used by Military, Airports, Seaports, Immigration, Forensic Police, Border patrol, EOD Police,

Narcotic control board, Airlines, Embassies and more.


Year Established Company

80 %

Government Sector Sales

100 s of

Product Range

1000 s of

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About Us

Established in 1985, SWN Intertrade is a subsidiary of SWN Group, specialized in providing latest security solutions to law enforcement agencies, airports and other  governmental organizations.

Our Commitment

Working with world's leading security solution providers to offer the right solutions suited for complex security challenges that law enforcement agencies faces today. With SWN -  "Security Wins Now"

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Bangkok 10120,, Thailand

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